Free Webinar:
Using AcuGraph for Pediatric Treatments

This 1 hour webinar recording covers the basics for how to use AcuGraph to connect with kids and help them feel comfortable with both the exam and treatment.
Featuring two instructors, Kimberly Thompson, L.Ac. (AcuGraph Specialist) and Robin Green, L.Ac. (Pediatric Specialist), the topics covered include:

  • AcuGraph basics—basic theory, why it’s great for kids

  • AcuGraph case study—ADHD

  • Graph analysis—how to think while you are looking at a graph

  • Strategies for working with kids—trust, body language

  • Needles—what types of needles work best, needling technique, and needle retention times

  • Non-needle treatment tools—laser, Stimplus Pro

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Download the notes
from this webinar:

Kimberly's Notes:

Robin's Notes:

Want to learn even more about Pediatric treatment of Autism and Attention Disorders?

Robin Green, L.Ac. is teaching a comprehensive course about this right now.
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Course Details & FAQs

When does the course begin?
The full course will be available in the online classroom starting, Monday March 31st.  The course material will be delivered via 20 – 45 minute video PowerPoint presentations in my online classroom. This course can be started after the 31, but applicants must register by April 14th.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the course is $195.00, and includes the coursework and the continuing education credits.

Can I register for the course after it begins?

Yes.  The course begins March 31st and registration is open until April 14th.

You Have 6 Months to Complete the Course

You must complete the course by October 15, 2014, fill out the worksheet, eval form and pass the quiz in order to get your CEUs/PDAs.

You'll Get 7 Continuing Education Units
7 CEUs/PDAs are pending from NCCAOM, California, Texas and Florida State Boards

Refund Policy
If later you change your mind and decide you don’t want to take the course, you can have a full refund before the course material goes live on Monday, March 31st.  After March 31st no refunds will be issued.
How does the Online Course Work?
1.    You’ll get a log-in name and password that will give you access to the online classroom.
2.    There you can watch each of the video PowerPoint presentations.
3.    Each section consists of video presentations that I’ve specially prepared to teach you about each topic.  
4.    After you complete all of the videos you'll need to answer the questions on the worksheet, pass a quiz and fill out an evaluation form.
5.    Once you’ve completed the course and passed the quiz, I’ll e-mail you your PDA/CEU certificate within 3 business days.
6.    You have 6 months, until October 15th, to complete the course

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