Fix your Practice and Fill it with Patients

Live training from acupuncture experts to help you attract more patients, revolutionize your results, and get off the marketing treadmill.

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Acupuncture Technology Symposium

May 4-6, 2017 — Rockville, Maryland, USA

“This weekend has been very informative and a huge asset to my profession and practice. I would highly recommend the seminar to any acupuncturist, with or without AcuGraph!”

—Past Live Attendee

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Fill your Practice

Winning strategies that attract and retain patients

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Communicate Healing

Get past the acupuncture stigma and overcome patient hesitation

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Treat at a New Level

The latest research-based methods to get life-changing results

Discover how this training will help you get past your current limitations and create the practice you deserve.

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What makes this Symposium so different?

You’re a great acupuncturist with a good education and passion for what you do. But you’ve also got a problem: Like too many good acupuncturists, you may struggle to make a living doing acupuncture. Fact is, more than 50% of acupuncturists aren’t busy enough to pay the bills. Too many fail and give up on acupuncture all together.

If you can’t succeed in practice, it’s a tragedy—not just for you, but also for all the people you could have helped, if only you could have reached them.

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“If you can identify and correct the issues keeping you from getting both patients and results, you can move ahead to practice at the success level you deserve. Then it won’t really matter what the cost of this workshop was.”

—Dr. Adrian Larsen

Acupuncture Technology Symposium 2017

What's My Investment?

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How much is a sub-performing practice costing you? How many potential patients are you missing because of issues with communication and message? How many more patients will gladly refer if their expectations are met and exceeded? In our instant-gratification world, what happens if you don’t deliver miracles? An outdated approach to acupuncture may already be costing you a great deal.