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I Sweat it. You Get it.

Imagine how you would feel if you were preparing to teach a class and you found out your most respected mentor would be attending to listen to you teach.

Now imagine not just a class, but an entire weekend on the very subject your mentor taught you years ago when you first started in acupuncture. Would you be nervous?

How would you prepare? Would you be thorough? Would you spend days making sure your information and presentations were top-notch? Would you do your best to make your mentor proud?

This “hypothetical” scenario became my reality when I found out my long-time meridian graphing mentor, Dr. Dennis Baker, would be attending my Digital Meridian Analysis 2-day seminar.

And just to make matters worse, this was the weekend we brought in the video crew to film the whole seminar. Talk about pressure!

Now for the good news.

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All that pressure made me work even harder to prepare and deliver the best seminar possible. And if the response of the class is any indication, it went really well.

Of course, the video crew did an excellent job of capturing everything, and now after several months of careful editing, weʼve distilled it all down to a powerful distance-learning experience to help you get the most out of your AcuGraph investment.

9.7 / 10

Nine point seven out of 10. Thatʼs the average rating attendees gave our Digital Meridian Analysis for Better Acupuncture Results course.

But of course you know the numbers never tell the whole story. The real significance of any training course is found in the ways it helps attendees meet their real-world needs.

Here are some of their comments:

  • Iʼm far better prepared to use my AcuGraph and I trust it more.
  • I believe I can market AcuGraph now and get more patients in the future. Thank You!
  • This will make my Report of Findings easier.
  • Iʼm excited to implement what Iʼve learned. I love AcuGraph!
  • Excellent visual aids and descriptions.
  • [I learned] things I didnʼt know the software could do!
  • Took the overall understanding of AcuGraphʼs underpinnings and potential to a much deeper level.
  • You are the BEST on every level. Great presentation, passion, explanations, listening to practitioner concerns.
  • These new tools will inject life into my practice.

I thought about telling you all about the great benefits of the Digital Meridian Analysis course; how you could practice with greater confidence, diagnose with more certainty, impress and attract more patients, and enhance your clinical results...

I thought of writing lots of impressive statistics and analysis of how you can practice more efficiently and get more done in less time with AcuGraph...

But I'm not going to...

I think the users above tell the story far better than I can. So Iʼll share just 1 more figure:

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12 Powerful Modules for Better Acupuncture Success:

Module 1: Introduction to Ryodoraku Acupuncture
Runtime 44 minutes

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  • Electroacupuncture theory and history
  • Ryodoraku, Akabane and Voll methods
  • Measuring skin resistance with electroacupuncture devices

Module 2: Mastering the Basics of Digital Meridian Imaging
Runtime 101 minutes

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  • Identifying and locating measurement points for Ryodoraku
  • Determining treatment points based on excess, deficient or split graph findings
  • Learn what outside influences may skew a graph

Module 3: Electroacupuncture Research Overview
Runtime 75 minutes

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  • Electrical properties of acupuncture
  • Differences in electrical properties based on age and gender
  • Peer-reviewed research findings for acupuncture, sham acupuncture and placebo

Module 4: Advanced Measurement Technique
Runtime 36 minutes

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  • Differences between Source, Ryodoraku and Tsing point measurement
  • Advantages to different measurement points
  • Introduction to single-point measurement

Module 5: Basic Graph Interpretation
Runtime 54 minutes

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  • The "trouble" with Ryodoraku
  • IntelliGraph real-time measurement correction
  • Symptom based graph interpretation

Module 6: Advanced Meridian Graphing Interpretation
Runtime 75 minutes

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  • The 5 element systems of Sheng and Ko cycles
  • Identifying and treating "Belt Blocks"
  • Using and teaching "Jing-well" treatment strategies

Module 7: Practical Graphing Demonstration
Runtime 155 minutes

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  • Introducing patients to meridian graphing
  • Patient-Practitioner interaction
  • Best clinical graphing practices

Module 8: Mental and Emotional Factors
Runtime 36 minutes

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  • Emotions affect meridians and meridians affect emotions
  • Addressing emotional components
  • Emotional aspect of acupuncture meridians

Module 9: Meridian Graphing, TCM, and Herbal Prescriptions
Runtime 85 minutes

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  • How meridian graphing related to TCM theory
  • Formulate a TCM strategy from graph findings
  • Graph analysis for herbal recommendations

Module 10: Patient History and Graphing Techniques
Runtime 50 minutes

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  • Patient trends over time
  • Leveraging prior graph findings to maximize treatment options
  • Patient patterns and protocols

Module 11: Marketing your Practice
Runtime 41 minutes

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  • Potential acupuncture market
  • Communicating your message through meridian graphing
  • Approaching and teaching the public through screenings and speaking

Module 12: Ear Cure - How to Restore your Patients and Revitalize your Practice with the Power of Auriculotherapy
Runtime 57 minutes

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  • Advantages to auriculotherapy
  • Introduction to Auriculo PC reference software
  • Treating with laser, electrical stimulation, and needles
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